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  1. Install Modloader
  2. Install Forge
  3. Download Thaumcraft 2 and place the zip into your Mods folder

Video Guide

Minecraft How to Install Thaumcraft 204:49

Minecraft How to Install Thaumcraft 2

Config File Settings

  • If you wish to use the lower quality effects in my mod without using Minecrafts Fast Graphics mode, open the Thaumcraft2.cfg file in your .minecraft/config folder and change graphics.low=false to true.
  • You can switch off the portal see-through effect by setting portal.seethrough=true to false
  • You can tweak the aura / taint cap by changing aura.max.
  • You can change the rarity of natural taint areas with aura.taintspawn.
  • You can switch off the conduit drip effect with graphics.pipedrips.

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