This table lists how much pure vis and tainted vis each type of crucible will generate for each item that can be dissolved in a crucible. This list describes the exact ratio of Amount of Item to Pure Vis to Tainted Vis. Because of this some items cannot show the Pure Vis to Tainted Vis ratio per one of that item, and will show you the ratio of 2 or greater of that item.

This table will take some time to complete, don't think that an item cannot be dissolved because it it not listed here yet. For a quick table see the Technicpack wikia:

Item Pure Vis Tainted Vis
1 Apple 2 2
1 Diamond 32 32
2 Glowstone Dust 9 9
2 Iron ingot 5 5
2 Cooked Pork Chop 5 5
2 Slime ball 25 25
1 Soul Sand 1 1
1 Sugar Cane 2 2
4 Wooden Planks 1 1

Crucible of Eyes
Item Pure Vis Tainted Vis
5 Diamond 192 128
5 Glowstone Dust 27 18
5 Sugar Cane 12 8

Thaumium Crucible
Item Pure Vis Tainted Vis
1 Diamond 224 96
10 Glowstone Dust 63 27
5 Silver Ingots 35 15
5 Sugar Cane 14 6

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